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Village of Secor

This Site Is Up and Running Again

September 10th, 2012

The past several months have been difficult for the Village of Secor website, what with people hacking it, a virus infecting it, and someone not paying the bill (that someone did not know the bill was even due) and finding everything shut down.  However, all the problems have been resolved, happier days are here again, and this site will once again be updated on a more or less regular schedule.  Please stay tuned, and if you have anything to contribute, please let the site manager know at

Secor School Club Minutes October, 1960

April 20th, 2012

     The October meeting was called to order by President Harold Sparks.  The minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.   The Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

     Mrs. Shuman reported that she had been asked to pick out any clothing that could be used by the needy children in school before the P. T. A. rummage sale November 3rd and 4th.

     Mary Hunsinger reported on the survey work that has been done by the Representative Committee.

     Evelyn Edwards made the motion that the Representative Committee meet with the School Board, seconded by Connie Wilkey.  Motion passed.

     Louise Bell made a motion, seconded by Mr. Wilkey, that the School Club buy a 5 cent Halloween treat for each school child.  The chairman of the Room Mothers was directed to buy the treat.

     Virginia Garrels reported for the Finance Committee that plans for the dance are progressing.

     Mr. Don Schelegle made a motion that the Laws be amended to have all committees report their plans back to the School Club for approval.

     Jane Van Scyoc made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Shuman, that we hold our meetings on the 3rd Tuesday all year.  Motion carried.

     Mr. Wilkey (made a motion) that the Refreshment Committee have the authority to loan the coffee maker out  within the school district.  Motion seconded by Mr. Jake Graber.  Motion carried.

     Mrs. Wessel made the motion, seconded by Louise Bell, that the Refreshment Committee buy meat and other food for Club activities from Mr. Meyers, as they do for the lunch programs.  Motion carried.

     A program consisting of music by the Band students was enjoyed by all.

     The Room Award was won by Mr. Schlegele. 

     Art Wilkey moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Jane Van Scyoc.

                                                                                                                                               Anna Belle Mc Ghee, Secretary

Secor School Club Officers and Committees, 1960-61 School Year

April 20th, 2012


Mrs. Wessel, Joanna Sparks, Jane Van Scyoc, Mrs. Shuman, Irene Hartman,

Mrs. Moser, Mrs. C. Graber, Mrs. Clements, Caroline Jording, Esther Robenstein,

Mrs. Schlagel, Louise Bell, Anna Belle Mc Ghee.



Martin Duffy, Virginia Garrels, Joanna Seggerman, Raymond Bigger, Connie Wilkey.


Jane Van Scyoc, Mrs. Shuman, Mrs. Gerald Crump, Mrs. Cecil Mc Clure, Mrs. Clara Jakob.


Mrs. Leona Menton, Mrs. Doris Heller, Mrs. Shirley Schlagel, Mrs. Kenneth Mc Clure, Mrs. Wesley Attig.


Dolly Toole, Esther Robenstein, Dorothy Miller, Elfrieda Peters.


Evelyn Edwards, Mrs. Herncjar, Betty Stiedinger.


Erby Mc Ghee, Louise Bell, Mary Hunsinger.

From the Not Quite So Way Back Machine

March 8th, 2012

click to enlarge

Here are a couple of photos taken in the late 1990′s of the west end of Gilman Street showing the business buildings on the north side and George Garrel’s old garage on the south side.  Sadly, these are all gone now. 

click to enlarge

Building Streets in Secor

February 24th, 2012

The accompanying undated photograph was recently discovered in an old album.  This shot was taken on North Second Street, looking northwest.  You can see from the photo that ditches were being created, possibly, for the first time.  In the background, the houses shown still exist, although considerably altered.  The one closest to the camera is at the corner of Second and Van Alstine.  Mike and Pearl Garrels lived there for a time.  Mike was once owner of what later became Doc’s Tap, and following  several other versions is now the Secor Saloon.  The house beyond is the former Herman Prior home.  Mr. Prior once owned and operated a creamery and produce business on Gilman Street.  That building later became for a time, the home of the Secor Fire Department and still later, of several businesses. If you look closely, you can see a gas or kerosene lamp in the yard of the nearest house. 

The men operating the equipment are unidentified, although the back of the photo has the word “father” printed in pencil.  It is possbile that the man on the engine is Morris Gassner, who owned a steam tractor and did quite a lot of grading.  The photo also shows a two story frame house on the far left of the photo.  It is unknown who lived in that house or what became of it, since that is the site of a single story house that for many years was known as the Lew Powell residence.  If anyone might have any information about that house, or anything else about the photograph, please contact the website administrator at the address on the lower home page.  For that matter, anyone having any historic photos of the Secor area should contact the site administrator for potential posting on this website.

click on image to enlarge

Village of Secor, 1904

July 17th, 2010

The accompanying photo was taken in 1904 from a high location on a grain elevator originally erected in 1869 by a Colonel  Sidwell and a James Carrol, and was one of several  that existed in various locations in Secor throughout the years.  The structure was situated along the siding on the south side of the TP&W railroad tracks, parallel to Bestor Street.  It had a number of owners over the years and finally burned to the ground in 1910.

This photo was taken facing northeast.  The two story building located on the corner on the right side of the photo is the Secor Hotel which was consumed by fire, either in 1903 or 1904, and was in the process of being rebuilt when the photo was taken.  If you look carefully, you can see the workmen on the second floor.  It is interesting to see how few houses were located on the north and east side of the village at that time.   Most of the houses in this photo are still in existence today.  

This photograph of the village is one of many which can be found in the Secor Sesquicentennial Book.

Marge and Joe’s Tavern

June 13th, 2009

Marge and Joe's (click to enlarge photos)

Many months ago, a visitor to this website asked if I knew for sure what ever happened to Marge and Joe’s Tavern, and when it happened.   Although I knew a little something about it, it wasn’t much, but I told him that I would ask around and if I found out anything I would post it on the website. After a little “asking around” and with a fair amount of good luck, at least some of the answers have been found.

For those of you who aren’t old enough to remember this landmark, or for whatever reason never set foot in the place, a little background is in order.

Established in1935, Marge and Joe’s was what what today would be called a family bar and restaurant. It was located on the “S” curve on U.S. Route 24 1 mile west of Secor.  The owners were Marge and Joe Beoletto.  They, along with their little girls, Jean and Sandy, operated the establishment and also lived in an apartment inside the building.

Joe, Sandy and Marge Beoletto at the bar

Joe, Sandy and Marge Beoletto at the bar

It was a friendly place to stop and have a good meal or a beer or two.  In the beginning, as the lead photo shows, it was also a place to get gas for your car.  And for a weary traveler on a dark night or a third shift worker dragging himself home after a hot, long, mean 8 hours of back-breaking labor at Caterpillar or LeTourneau-Westinghouse or Keystone, the lights of Marge and Joe’s, visible for miles in every direction were a welcoming beacon of rest and camaraderie and the promise of good things to be enjoyed.


One of the local dance combos

In the earlier days, on Saturday nights a  local dance band might perform and then the small dance floor would be crowded with happy couples, the bar would be doing a brisk business and Mom, Dad and the kids, couples on a date and the occasional traveler would be in the dining room enjoying some of Marge’s famous deep fried chicken or a fried catfish and a cold bottle of beer or for the kids a hamburger and fries and maybe a bottle of Orange Crush or a Squirt.  It was a familiar, comfortable and friendly place to be.

While I was looking for information which could answer the question about “whatever happened” a newspaper clipping was provided to me by Ann Armstrong, which pretty much answered that question.  The contents of that article are a follows:

Roanoke Review, February 21, 1961

Fire early Saturday morning completely destroyed the Curve Inn, formerly Marge and Joe’s, a combined tavern and restaurant six miles east of Eureka on Route 24.

This blaze, the third in the Eureka area in less than two weeks, was discovered by unidentified passing motorists about 6:30 a.m.  They reportedly tried the doors and when they were unable to arouse anyone went to the Art Menssen farm home a half mile east of the tavern to turn in the alarm.

Mennsen notified the Secor fire department and then he and Henry DeGroot went to the tavern.  They knew that Robert Brubaker, operator of the tavern slept in the building.  Unable to wake him at first, they broke down the door.  He escaped uninjured.

The Secor fire department arrived at the scene about 7:00 o’clock and the Eureka firemen a few minutes later.  However, the fire in the 100 foot long frame building had gained such headway from the effect of a strong south wind that efforts to save the structure were hopeless.

The fire started toward the east end of the building and is believed to have been caused by faulty wiring.  When firemen arrived, the storeroom and dining room were already a mass of flames that were spreading rapidly to other parts of the building.

Brubaker said that the tavern had been closed at midnight and an employee, Lulu Mennsen, left a few minutes later.  He said that he went to bed about 1:00 o’clock.

Damage to the building and contents has been estimated at approximately $40,000, partially covered by insurance.

About a year ago, Joe Beoletto, who at the time owned the tavern, and his mother, Mrs. Margherita Beoletto, died from carbon monoxide poisoning in an apartment they occupied at the west end of the building.

Joe Beoletto, Richard Colburn, and Jim Selekis

Joe Beoletto, Richard Colburn, and Jim Selekis

That’s all the article had to say.  There was a photograph of the fire accompanying the article, but unfortunately, the clipping was a copy of a photcopy, and the quality of the photo was so poor as to render it unusable.

Fortunately for this story,  Marge and Joe’s daughter, Sandy, had made a number of family photos available to Lois Diener Vogel, a former Secor resident and a Secor historian.   Lois assembled the photos into a poster which was displayed during the 2007 Secor Sesquicentennial celebration.  Lois’ sister, Ann Diener Armstrong has graciously allowed the photos to be copied and included in this post.  Only a few of these photos will be included with this post, but several of the rest will be added to the History page of this website as a permanent feature.

If anyone reading this post has anything to add to this information or knows anyone who does, whether it be additional photos, newspaper clippings, first-hand accounts, corrections or comments, about this website or any of the posts, whether favorable or otherwise, please contact the site administrator at the email address provided.  For that matter, anyone who has historical information or photos about Secor that they would like to see posted, or a topic that someone would like to know more about, please write and mention that too, and perhaps some questions can be answered.

Many thanks to Ann Armstrong and her sister, Lois Vogel, for graciously providing this wealth of information.


Read the rest of this entry »

Secor School Club Information

May 16th, 2009

As each new segment of the Secor School Club minutes are presented, the old ones will be saved on the History page, and will become a permanent part of it.  Please note that the posts will be shown in a reverse chronological order.

Sesquicentennial Books Now at a Greatly Reduced Price!

October 27th, 2008

There are still a number of 2007 Secor Sesquicentennial Books and Cookbooks available for sale.  The Sesquicentennial books are 185 page spiral bound books which include a reprint of the entire original 1957 Centennial Book plus additional Secor history and photos from the 2007 event, many in color.  Each Sesquicentennial Book is now only $15.00 plus $4.00 shipping.  The Cookbooks include recipes from past and present Secor residents and are $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping.  You may also  pick up the books locally without a shipping charge.  To purchase either book or for more information call 309-744-2342 or email

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